Best Benchtop Planer 2020 Top 5 Thickness Planers (Reviewed)

It is not possible to go without the Best Benchtop Planer if your will is to decrease the thickness of wood right in line with your expectations. It gets nothing better than making the most out of a Best Benchtop Thickness Planer because they should be your top priority when it comes to having the out-of-this-world “Cut Quality”.

Best Benchtop Planers 2020

Whether you’re a contractor or a professional woodworker (carpenter), you don’t want to miss out on these Thickness Planers that we have discussed in this all-inclusive Best Benchtop review guide because we admit it that it is hard to catch the nuts and bolts of Benchtop Planers when you’re completely new to these Planing machines.

It even becomes a nightmare when you see thousands of products on the market (or online) that make people come unglued. We don’t want you to suffer from that and I, therefore, would like to save your time with my research on some “Best Benchtop Thickness Planers” that will be highly useful for you.

If you haven’t decided on your first Benchtop Thickness Planers, it’s not too late to think about it – see what the options are based on the performance, manoeuvrability, motor power, power source, type, warranty, and other significant factors that change the whole game for sure.

I know it is confusing you which company you should go for (a matter of fact, there are many), but don’t worry as you’re not alone who will be assisted by our research – we’ve helped thousands of customers choose the best wood thickness planing machine for them.

Best Benchtop Thickness Planer

The reason why Benchtop Thickness is preferred by our experts is that they are portable and become the “top right of way” of the DIYers or Hobbyists because they are very lightweight and can be taken to any place, be it your garage or Jobsite to get the work done quickly.


1.DEWALT DW735X Planer for Sale (Review)

When it comes to two-speed thickness, I’m sure that this is an ultimate choice for you – there’s no need to look further. This is a 13-inch thickness planer and being listed as “Amazon’s Choice”, this will make your day. Equipped with the most powerful 15-AMP motor, tackling any carpentry job for this thickness planer would be a child’s play. Insofar the cutter head speed is concerned, you are backed by a 10,000 RPM speed that will do more than good for your ultimate woodworking.

Since it features a three-knife cutter head, you’re going to have a 30% longer life for your knife. Weighing only 105 pounds, it is quite lightweight and can, therefore, be taken from one place to another without any hassle. On top of that, there is an automatic carriage lock that will help it reduce the movement and you will be backed when it comes to next-level maneuverability.

2.Dewalt DW734 Planer Review (For Sale)

I know that this is a 12-½-inch Single Speed Benchtop Planer, it is still a bad boy that will provide you with a cutter head speed of 10,000 RPM i.e. 96 cuts per inch. It will deliver 30% increased knife life just like the only reviewed above so that you don’t have to replace the knives over and over again. You will fall in love with the finest finishes delivered by this planer which is great. Highly-rated and experts’ recommended, this is the Best Benchtop Thickness Planer and also a perfect fit for your carpentry.

Weighing only 80 lbs, it is highly portable and appreciated by the professional woodworkers who have been in the business for more than 20 years or more. If we talk about max. depth of cut, you this will deliver you a 1/8-inch cut along with the 12-1/2-inch width capacity that is more than satisfying. Whether you’re after effectiveness, ease of use, value, quality or durability, you won’t be disappointed if you consider bringing this top-notch thickness planer home for next-level woodworking and considering the Best Benchtop Planer 2020.

3.WEN 6552T Planer Review

I know Dewalt has been a game-changer, but don’t take WEN less than any brand. Much appreciated by the verified customers, the WEN 6552T has been known as a “Best Budget” thickness planer and therefore a great option for those who are not having enough bucks to spend this weekend. In spite of being a cheap thickness planer, it is going to keep you satisfied like no other planer. It has the ability to cut at the feed rate of 26 ft. per minute which means it’s the incredible 15-Amp motor that will generate 25,500 cuts every 60 seconds.

Yes, you read it right! – it is equipped with one-of-a-kind, top-of-the-line 15-Amp motor that will do the job perfectly without taking the time. It doesn’t matter how hard the wood is, the 3-blade design is capable of cutting everything that comes into its way. There’s no need to worry about “Sawdust” as that’ll be taken care of by the assistance of the “Fan-assisted dust port”. It is the latest model (i.e. 2019’s and 2020 new Best Benchtop Planer model) and only weighs 66 pounds which increases the portability and enhances the ease of access. So, there you have it – a very user-friendly thickness planer to meet your woodworking expectations.

4.WEN 6550t Planer Review

The WEN does a great job when it comes to satisfying the customers with finance by making all of its planers reasonably priced. Yes, you got it right, ladies and gentlemen! The WEN 6550T is again a cheaper option comparatively and it delivers you a hands-down performance whether it is about accuracy or cutter head speed. You can purchase this WEN thickness planer (a Benchtop planer) from different sellers based on your personal experience with an individual seller.

So, what’s special about this Best Benchtop planer? Well, in addition to the fact, the pricing is low, it is still a great corded Benchtop thickness planer that features a powerful 15-Amp motor that will allow the machine to generate 17,000 cuts every 60 seconds. The depth can be effortlessly adjusted from 0 to 3/32 of an inch of each pass. The granite table is what sets it apart from other planers. It has the ability to plane boards up to 6 inches thick and 12.5 inches wide.

But that’s just half the story, it is also equipped with the Tri-roller feeding system and not to mention the “Adjustment Handle” made of high-quality rubber that will provide you a comfortable grip. There’s also an option for the dust port so that you can attach the dust extraction device to minimize cleanup. Weighing only 70 pounds, it is one of the lightweight planing machines.

5.Makita 2012NB 12-inch Planer Reviews

When it comes to this particular Makita 2012NB Planer, there is so much to talk about it, be it compactness, affordability, maneuverability, among other vital impacting factors. It has the capability of delivering one-of-its-kind accuracy if your intention is to have an easy adjustment cutting depth for precise planing. There’s also an LED indicator that will keep you informed of the current status. There’s no more struggling with the “Snipes”, thanks to the 4-post design and diagonal brace with the help of which, the cutter head is stabilized.

Among other amazing things, this planer doesn’t make much noise (quietest in its class – rated as 83dB) for your comfort. There’s also a detachable toolbox that will allow you to store the standard equipment. Whether you want to use it in your garage or you want to travel with it (i.e. take it on a Jobsite), it will do great – i.e. it won’t disappoint you in that area for the fact it is highly portable. Just like other planers for the Money, it also comes with a 1-year warranty that will ensure that you’ve spent the money right.

You can check the latest price of this planer above and see how it has been engineered for great finishing and doesn’t forget to be familiar with the reviews left by the customers who bought this planer.

Which is the Best Benchtop Planer?

If you still can’t decide which one among the aforesaid Benchtop Planers is the Best Benchtop Planer, I believe it is time to let you know which Planer deserves to be the “Winner”. I don’t know if you guessed it or know but many of you would have guessed which Planer I’m talking about right now. Yes, the best planer credit goes to “DEWALT DW735X” and that’s why it has been listed on the top of this page. I just cannot get enough of this planer because serves in every possible way to the highest performance and doesn’t ever let you down. But, this doesn’t make it an expensive choice – it is reasonably priced so you don’t have to break the bank.

Our Recommendation and Winner for Best Benchtop Planer